Thursday, May 11, 2017

Found it!

Found that missing Facebook comment.


I was raised atheist - a liberal atheist, of course - and fought the fight. When people said "you're going to hell" I said "no, you are", and when people accused me of being immoral I said "hail Satan". Just parroting shitty things back at people - really effective activism that firmly establishes my credibility here.

Sometimes, we had to work with the radical atheists. RadAths, who saw religious influence everywhere in society, and that superstition needed to be fought, and that devoutly religious groups had a higher probability of violence than secular organisations. Their eye-rolling extremism threatened our whole movement of... what, exactly? Being occasionally snarky to religious people, I guess. Whatever didn't rock the boat at all.

But then postmodernism appeared! I'll give you a moment to finish recoiling and hissing. Postmodernism means that science is wrong and therefore is the greatest enemy of atheists everywhere. Probably. I've only read other anti-postmodernism thinkpieces on the subject, but they were frothingly angry so they were probably right.

And now this new wave of so-called atheists were smuggling postmodernism in under the guise of "intersectionality", which means we have to listen to people who aren't like us and say different things sometimes. Now they're critical of not only the religious, but of the other atheists who are blatant white supremacists and who threaten to rape their female critics.

Oh, and the trivial bullshit! People (people who are definitely unbiased and NOT selling a regressive agenda day in, day out) assure me that these intersectional atheists all think religious iconography on clothes and religious imagery in video games are the worst things ever and so focus only on the destruction of clothes and video games. These knuckleheads probably don't even think everything exists in a vacuum, completely unconnected from everything else.

Atheism has lost its way and should not have public respectability until it remedies this - that is, returning to the days when we treated our worldview as objective truths (just like science!) and people who had different perspectives to offer were properly ignored.

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I added a comment underneath, too.

Postmodernism is a well-supported philosophical school that occasionally overreaches - "the scientific method is an instrument of oppression and has no more value than gazing into a crystal ball!"

Atheism is a well-supported philosophical school that occasionally overreaches - "religion is the root of ALL problems in the world and should be replaced with Sam Harris podcasts".

Every philosophy has its idiots, but only one of these makes people scream like a fucking banshee when you mention it.

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