Thursday, June 24, 2010

Name change and existential repurposement...

Having done nothing for a while, and not been particularly happy with what I've done so far, I pondered the existence and purpose of this blog. I love long, thought-provoking blogs (see Blag Hag and Jabberwock) and wanted to create my own, on the entirely cavalier assumption that words would flow from my fingertips with the same ease and grace as they appeared to from my idols. This proved untrue.

But then I realised that the most likely cause behind this was that my mind simply works in a different way. Namely, it's all over the fucking shop (the layman's term is hypomania) and as a result, my thoughts never quite consolidate themselves into "ideas" because I'm always three thoughts ahead of myself. Incidentally, that wiki article makes hypomania sound like a really great thing to have but in my case it has only ever brought me grief. Sod it.

Thus my blog has been repurposed, hopefully to the delight of all: I'm simply gonna list all the random thoughts I can remember having throughout the day, and maybe even show my train of thought for the general amusement of all. Here goes...

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