Sunday, May 30, 2010

Or not.

Fuck no. I've totally changed my mind on having nothing to write about, because I just visited Jack Chick's website. And on this website was a wonderful little pile of excrement called "Is Allah Like You?". Needless to say, Jack's writing about Muslims here and thus needless to say, it's a wild ride of wife-beatings and heavily-implicit racism. However, it is also surprisingly well versed (HA) in Qur'anic verses.

Since my favourite Chick-critic Jabberwock is busy reorganising his site and thus hasn't recently done any of his vaunted Chick Dissections, I thought I might give one a whirl. The main problem here is that J is funny and I am not, but I think you'll find that Chick's works are hilarious by themselves.

So prepare thyselves for "Is Allah Like You?"

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