Wednesday, May 26, 2010


You know, it really is amazing what a motivated blogger one can be when one is staring down the barrel of a French culture essay:
Me: "Be cool, man! You're only 800 words and about French popular music!"
Essay: [in a Southern drawl that is inexplicably also French sounding] [Cajun?] "Shut it you varmint - git back to blogging"

I'm simply worried that we've all got off on the wrong foot - me with my hit-the-ground-running criticisms of religion, you the reader with your absence of readership. So here are some happy pictures to make us all feel good:

Hey cmon, man. We're trying to move away from all that name-calling. How about something a little friendlier?

That's better. Heh heh, this one never gets old - it's like a philosophy major in 500x625 format.

And this one, too. More of a psychology major, I guess, since it forces you to examine what the FUCK possessed Disney to come up with someone like this.

Hey man, easy. We're moving away from all this stupidity God, that really is a facepalm. My soul hurts.

That would explain it. Let's move onto something that we can all agree on...


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